Pass It On

Read a story the other day of a woman who decided to pay it forward. Or should I say, pay it back.  She was in the drive-thru of her favorite donut shop getting coffee.  The vehicle in front of her, prepaid her bill.  Just to be nice.  So she then came back the next day and started doing that for others.  The line kept moving and so did the generosity.  Everyone in line paid for the car behind them.  Why?  Just to be nice.  It continued on for 55 cars.

Wouldn't that be wonderful if only because it felt good, people just did something nice.  Just a little something to not only make another person feel good and smile and maybe be the highlight of their day, but it feels really good to do for others.  We should all use this as an example of a small action creating a big reaction and even if just for a moment, put some smiles on faces that might not otherwise smile that day.