When I was a young girl, it was necessary to have manners.  You didn't get anything unless you said "please" or 'thank you".  When speaking to my elders, it was "yes sir or yes ma'am".  You shook hands when greeting someone and looked them in the eye during a conversation.  People used to hold the doors for you and help you with your bags at your car if you looked like you were in need of help.  I have notices over the years that the speed of our lives has left us with little time to do what is actually the "right thing".  Cutting in line in front of someone is alright, because you are in a hurry.  Not stopping to help an elderly woman out of the door, because you are in a hurry.  No please or thank you when ordering food at a restaurant, why?  Because, you guessed it, you are in a hurry.  Slow down, take your time, remember when you were a child, what a fantastic place it was to live.  Your children depend on you to teach and prepare them for what is to come.  Do unto others as you would have done unto you.  It's pretty simple.