Adult Children Living at Home....Charge Them Rent?

The percentage of adult children living at home with their parents is the highest that it's been in 40 years.  36 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 31 lived with their parents in 2012. 

Do you think that those adult children should be paying rent?  Some say yes, that if they are working and trying to get back on their feet, they still have to maintain responsibility financially.  And the parents that they are again living with, if retired, are living on a smaller income.  Some say no.  That by helping them save, they can then move out on their own faster.

I say yes.  Even when I aquired my first job at 15, I had to start pulling my own weight.  Not necessarily bills and such, but clothes, accessories and personal items that I wanted.  As an adult you know that it would not be right to use your parents in such a manner to which they again have to support you fully while you are working.  What are your thoughts?