A Massachusetts teen is being punished by her school for driving her drunk friend home from a party.  The school said she is in violation of the district's zero tolerance policy against alcohol and drug use.  She was demoted from captain of the volleyball team and told she would be suspended.

Lets clear this up.  She was not in attendance at the party, only the phone call that the drunk friend made.  She was not using alcohol or drugs.  And she did the responsible and moral thing by making sure that not only did her friend make it home safe, but that the same friend not get behind the wheel of a car and try to drive themselves which in turn could have ended badly.

Are you kidding?!  We try to teach our children right and wrong. To be responsible, but also watch out for others.  Then the school does this.  By her picking up her friend does not mean that she tolerates the actions of that other individual, but makes her a responsible, loyal and caring person that responded to the needs of someone else as well as watching out for others indirectly.  Isn't that what we want from our children?  I believe we need more young people out there like this young lady, who by doing a small act of kindness is getting punished but stands by what she did, and hopefully acts on it again.