Pointing out plus size

A retail store is in a bit of hot water, after labeling a plus-size version a a gray dress as "Manatee Gray".  The regular sizes were labeled "Dark Heather Gray".  My question, simple, what were they thinking?  We know where the plus-size department in the store is, and can read the tags on the clothing when it says "plus size".  So, for what reason did they feel that it was alright to not only point it out, but create embarrassment for whom ever was to buy it.  As a lady, I understand the stress and conflict about weight.  And to have other people point it out and then put a name on your clothing that expresses that fact even more, to me is completely disrespectful, and unbusiness like.  In this day and age, people should be a bit more careful and understanding.  Accepting people for who they are and not trying to point out their flaws with such a big sign.  My take on the whole situation is that whomever it was at that retail store that decided that was a good name for that dress, should were it as a name tag.  Just saying.

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