The Weeknd Is the Weekend Debate

Friday's news of The Weeknd working on a new album and having cinematic aspirations? Big news, for sure. Still, it's threatened to be overshadowed by a debate on Twitter (where else??).

Fellow Canadian Andrew Huang tweeted, "every weeknd song uses the same four notes," accompanied with a video playing along with The Weeknd's music. Predictably, reaction ranges from admiration to disdain.

I confess I don't have a sharp enough musical ear to confirm or deny that, but really...does it matter? I mean, it's The Weeknd...

Lady Gaga Dominates 2020 VMAs

Sunday night's VMAs on MTV had a different look and feel, much like 2020 itself.

After the show opened with a dedication to Chadwick Boseman, The Weeknd then wowed with a live performance of "Blinding Lights." That song would go on to win Best R&B as well as Video of the Year, though in both acceptance speeches, he took a somber tone and explained he's more focused on justice for Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor.

And that's about as close as the evening came to politics, save for the occasional reminder to vote and Lady Gaga asking us to wear masks as "a sign of respect."

She and her own collection of masks were seen early and often. As the night's big winner, she collected Moon Person trophies in nearly category nominated.

Gaga also wowed with a nine-minute medley of "Enigma", "Chromatica II", "911", "Rain on Me" (together with Ariana Grande, as we were hoping), and "Stupid Love." See more below.