Today Is National Unfriend Day

Your paranoid uncle with the tinfoil hat who rambles about politics nonstop. Former coworkers. Your ex. That old roommate. Classmates who constantly humblebrag...or just plain brag.

This is the time to clean house virtually because it's the 10th anniversary of National Unfriend Day. It began when Jimmy Kimmel announced it on his show but has since morphed into something very real and potentially cathartic.

After all, do you truly care about your friend count or the quality and relevance of posts from them? Sure, you can snooze or unfollow them, but it doesn't feel the same and could even damage your reputation by association if that person's posts take a truly deplorable turn.

So give it a thought and maybe tighten your circle a little...what you lose could feel like a win.

Mean People More Likely to Be Social Media Addicts

A guy I knew from high school recently celebrated his release from Facebook jail in a sadly predictable way. He led with a "warning" post that he was going to let loose, and he wasn't lying. An unhinged string of obscenity-laced political and racial posts soon followed (with no shortage of ALL CAPS yelling, naturally).

Needless to say, I bypassed Unfollow and went straight to Unfriend. Sadly, that's not rare on social media and now there's science to back it up.

Cal State Fullerton and Michigan State researchers tracked Facebook and Snapchat activity of nearly 500 college students. The study concluded those most addicted to social media were also most likely to be aggressive cyberbullies who use those and other platforms to "seek rewards from being cruel."

Follow the link below for more insight and explanation.

Snapchat Adds Meditations from Headspace

A slacker friend from high school is suddenly a health expert. World leaders bickering like children. Your ex appears to be having a better summer. For these and other reasons, social media isn't the first outlet you think of for relaxation.

Snapchat is changing that. After announcing last month that they were launching Minis, miniature versions of third-party apps that run inside Snapchat, Headspace is one of four available this week. It has six brief meditation sessions with the themes “Be Nice to You,” “Get Out of a Funk,” “Just Breathe,” “Kick the Panic,” “Me Time,” and “Pressure to Succeed.” See more below.