Mother’s Day Won’t Be Ideal but Could Always Be Worse

This Mother's Day will be highly unusual, for a lot of reasons. Pandemics don't normally interrupt the one (!) day we celebrate the women who brought us into the world.

Moms who are staying safer at home with their families will stoically eat breakfast in bed, with kid-made food (?) that could easily appear on Nailed It.

Meanwhile, empty-nest moms would gladly trade for some of that activity, since FaceTime is handy and a safe option right now, but it's just not the same. Still, it could be worse in many ways.

As of this writing, SkyWarn 13 predicts a chance of rain Sunday and a cool high of 53. That's a far cry from the weather anticipated to hit much of the East Coast, as Al Roker describes below.

When Parent and Teacher Are One

You probably have a stronger appreciation for teachers now that you've done your best to homeschool your kid during the pandemic.

What happens when a mom is also a teacher trying to give an online lesson, whose spouse is MIA while their own child fusses? Watch the video below and we promise you will be able to relate to her facial expressions and resiliency!

Craving Sweets? Empty Kitchen Can Still Mean Full Belly

Wisconsin's Safer at Home Order, albeit with some modifications, has been extended. We can't do anything to change that but we can help your sweet tooth.

If you're like us, one side effect of Safer at Home is Craving More Sweets. And while baking up a storm in your kitchen can be exceptionally satisfying (not to mention cheaper), it can pose the dilemma of an unplanned shopping trip for rarely-used ingredients or perishables you'd rather save for breakfast. Milk with cereal just seems an inseparable pairing. And an omelette without eggs just isn't the same.

This article from The Guardian includes some clever hacks for substituting ingredients.


Got a Sec? Name a Color

It isn't often that something falls into so many categories; family-friendly, mentally stimulating, fun for all generations--other than listening to I-94, of course. is an online collaborative effort to name every last color in the RGB/web spectrum.

"Anyone can propose a new name for a particular color," the site explains. "So long as the name is descriptive and non-offensive, it becomes associated with that color. If multiple names are proposed for the same color, it is then a matter of which name has the most votes from the community."

And with almost 17 million hues, there are plenty to go around. It's free and no personal data is needed. Just browse and let your creative flag fly.

Inside Kelly Clarkson’s Montana Cabin

Imagine you're a megastar. You're an acclaimed actress, author, singer-songwriter, actress and TV personality. You've sold millions of albums, had dozens of hits and won a ton of awards. When you share video of your home away from home, it's going to look like an episode of Cribs, right? Not if you're Kelly Clarkson.

In fact, her one-room Montana cabin is what real estate agents call "cozy." That coziness is compounded by the fact that Kelly's family and dogs are self-quarantining with her.

And while we can plainly see it's not primitive, it's hardly decadent (especially when the bathroom isn't even indoors). Take the tour at the link below.

Making Days at Home Pandemic-Positive

When you suddenly find yourself with more time at home, it's tempting to scroll through social media feeds nonstop and binge every last show on your watch list. And of course, some screen time is fine.

But what about actual productivity? You can only do so much laundry and get your home so clean before the sense of accomplishment fades.

Good News Network has a lot of healthy and positive ideas to try. Click the link below for some much-needed positivity.