Meg Ann Lee: Where You Should Be Shopping For Your Lounge Sets

Has your office apparel taken a spot in the back of your closet? Do you find yourself in lounge wear 40+ hours a week? This post is for you!

Within the past year A LOT of us have started working from home. While it is nice being able to snack all day, keep the laundry going and spend extra time with our furry companions, our professional attire isn’t necessary. Working from home comes with many struggles but comfort doesn’t have to be one of them. Here are a few places to get some trendy lounge sets you can wear while you work from home!

ig set1

If you are looking for variety and want to try something out of the box without breakin’ your bank account, Shein is it! This shop is a fast fashion company and yes, you are buying medium to low quality apparel but it’s like $12 per item.

I’ve gotten several sets from them and they are S O F T .

Overall this company has a variety of clothing at low prices and I’ve had good luck with all of my orders but make sure to check the sizing chart!

Next let’s talk about off-price retail stores aka TjMaxx or Ross. If you like name brand workout clothes but don’t care about them being last season’s style (honestly, who cares about that) these off-price retail stores are perfect for you. They get new stock in weekly and I seriously have the best luck finding lounge wear and work out clothing from brands I love at a discount!

If you are anything like me, you’ve been living in tie dye for the past two years and you may or may not have taken your shot at DIY tie dying. Maybe it was a pair of socks or an oversized T-shirt. It’s all fun and games until your yellow mixes with your purple tones and all of a sudden it’s a muddy mess.

NO FEAR, KLEM TIE DYE custom tye dye is here.

Soft, cozy & stylish sets for you chillin’ on the couch finishing up your 40 hour week at home. If you are working from home indefinitely I hope you are making the most of it in cool, comfortable clothing! <3

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Meg Ann Lee: The Truth About Lash Extensions

When Beyonce said "I woke up like this" I just KNOW she was referring to lash extensions.

Waking up with long luscious lashes changes your outlook in the morning. You're ready to take on the world or at least throw on a blazer and make it to that 8am zoom meeting (pants optional).

While lashes do make you feel effortlessly glam, what's the real deal? Is there a catch? There are so many misconceptions and myths about lash extensions, so I decided to try them out for myself.
Here is my experience.

I got the opportunity to check out The Rose Room downtown Eau Claire for a full set of lashes. Walking into the Rose Room, I'm met by Amber and I immediately see the "Treat Yo' Self " neon sign.


Amber greeted me and we got chatting about lash styles; if you didn't know, there are many different styles. Your lash artist can help pick the right one for your eye shape and the look you are wanting to achieve.

Let me just say bigger is not always better.

Here are a few things to remember if you decide to go for it!

Go to your appointment with a clean, makeup free face. Ask your lash artist questions about their products and their training. As a consumer you always must do your own research before booking with a service provider. Expect for your first lash session to be the longest with your lash fill appointments being shorter. It's normal to have daily shedding and that's why you will need fills.

Everything takes maintenance. Your car, your hair, your body and just like those things your lashes need daily attention and fills every 2-4 weeks.

So, if you ever wake up from sleeping on your face with yesterday's mascara stuck to your cheek, surrounded by half eaten chicken nuggets, your lash extensions will last you about as long as Britney Spears' marriage to Jason 'whatever is name is' (55 hours).

Lashes provide you instant glam with no effort. No makeup, no problem. Actually it's better if you don't wear any eye makeup in my opinion. If you are a gal who likes a minimal makeup routine and a natural fresh face look, this service is for you.
I LOVED my extensions. I will 100% be going back to get more in the future. I personally do a lot of different eye makeup looks so lash extensions fit best into my life for special events and vacations .

This service is for sure a luxury service and with any luxury service comes a price tag but if you got it like that, lashes are a great way to
'Treat Yo' Self'!

Click the Link below to check out all of the services The Rose Room offers and let Amber know I sent you for a special offer with your first lash set!

The Rose Room

Meg Ann Lee: Manifesting Your 2021

It seems to be the trend to make New Year resolutions. Maybe it is financial goals, health goals or social goals you're looking to achieve this time around the sun. The "New Year, New You" mantra is inspiring and all but why don't we follow through?

We've all done it, set new goals and then we fall off track within a few weeks right? Why?

Because we don't make our goals seem attainable.

I'm no life coach or expert at achieving all of my dreams but here are some key points I like to remember when setting goals!

The first step into moving forward is reflecting on the past. Now, I know 2020 was a shit show but we can reflect on it to recognize different and better things we want in 2021.

Next, ask yourself how this goal will change or impact your life. Is it something that you actually want to do or accomplish? I know this sounds crazy but a lot of goals we set are influenced by society or other people's opinions and that is one reason we don't accomplish them! Make sure your goals are in line with your true wants or needs.

Only set 2-3 big goals for your whole year. Yes, I said 2-3. Writing down an entire page of goals feels so amazing but holding yourself accountable for paaaaggggees of goals is going to be harder than you think. More than likely mid-way through your focus will shift and none of them will be accomplished in full.

Break it down and set deadlines. Do you remember teachers breaking down 20-page papers into drafts that were due weekly? Why did they do that? To make this huge paper seem less daunting! Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel gives us hope and it puts the work into perspective. Write out a map of daily/weekly/monthly actions that will lead to you accomplishing your goal. Whether it's in a planner, a vision board or an excel sheet, break it down into actions and PLAN IT OUT.

Lastly, make sure you reward yourself. Every step towards our goal is something to celebrate. Stay positive about your growth and take care of yourself during the process. Its easy to let self-doubt get in your way if you fall behind or get off track but every step in the right direction is PROGRESS and you should be proud of that.

Here are a few of my favorite items that I use to create an organized plan for my year. Keeping my planner up to date and decorated gets me excited to plan and keeps me on track.

Seriously the only way I have my life together is by having a planner. If you're really motivated look into scrapbook planners!
They are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G but time consuming.

I hope this helps you feel ready to take on 2021 and create a life YOU love <3

Meg Ann Lee: What You Need at Your 2020 NYE Party

If you are spending this New Year's Eve at home, no worries, it can still be
L I T !

Here are my NYE House Party must haves for you and your small social circle!


First, let's go over attire. Don't get me wrong, I love dressing up for a night out but if I'm staying in COMFORT IS KEY.

Comfort can still be stylish and this year matching sets are where it is at! You can dress it up with some jewelry, a hair accessory, some glittery slides and you are all set for an at home celebration.

I got this velour set from Target!

If you want to see the makeup I used for this look, check out my Instagram.

Next, is party beverages. Whether you're a craft beer enthusiast , a cocktail connoisseur or a wine devotee there are local businesses to provide some essentials for your holiday party. Here are a few of my favorite spots Infinity Beverages, Brewing Projekt, and Coffee Grounds.

Now, a party just isn't the same without snacks! A Charcutier board is a must have for a midwest NYE party. You can find some amazing meat and cheese selections at the Eau Claire Cheese & Deli or Festival Foods!
Another snack I love is bacon wrapped pickles! Yes, you literally wrap bacon around a pickle spear and bake it, that's it.
We discovered this easy snack this week and are obsessed.

Last but not least board games! I love little healthy competition and what better way to end 2020 than being a WINNER!
… At board games.

Here are a few of my favorite games to spice up your NYE celebration:
Catch phrase, SushiGO, Medium, Exploding Kittens, Incoherent Family and Chess! You can find them here.

Anyone else go buy a new chess board after watching The Queens Gambet? Just me? Okay.

This year has been a crazy one! I am grateful for all that I have learned and overcome in 2020. Thank you so much for reading and supporting the blog. I can't wait to see what we can achieve in 2021! <3

Meg Ann Lee: Glitter Eyeliner Goals for NYE

New Year's Eve is always a special time of the year. It's a time for goal setting, new beginnings and celebration! I think I can speak for everyone, including Panic! At The Disco, in saying we have HIGH HOPES for 2021. So this week I put together a NYE party look so we can get excited about ringing in the New Year!

No matter the occasion gold glitter always holds a special place in my heart and to be honest, on everything in my makeup room because once you use it IT NEVER GOES AWAY!

For this look I decided to create a glitter winged liner with a smokey eye. I know, a glitter eye liner might seem a little intimidating but here are some of my favorite items to make it easier for you to create!


First, Urban Decay Glitter Liner. I found this liner years ago in my Sephora retail days and it has been a RIDE OR DIE. It's formula is great for adding just a touch of glitter but it is also buildable for a more dramatic look.

Second, Mac Cosmetics Eyeliner Mixing Medium . If you are a creative and love coming up with unique looks this is for you! Grab this, your own colorful mix of glitter and you can make your own glitter liner!

Third, the right angled brush. Finding good tools is so important in creating detailed makeup looks. Learning how to choose the right brush for the job is key. One of my favorite affordable brush companies is Morphe! They have an awesome brush club that sends you brushes every month! If you want to join Click Here

If you saw my blog post last week ( if not it's right HERE )you know I'm a fan of sequins.
So I paired my glitter makeup look with a gold sequined dress from Express, some tights and I'm ready to party!
Whatever that looks like in 2020.


Whether you're going out on the town with your best friends, regrettably taking shots of tequila and dancing the night away or hanging out at home with family, sipping red wine while dominating a game of Monopoly you can glam up your look with some glitter for the New Year! <3

Meg Ann Lee: Four Holiday Essentials You Need in Your Closet

Holiday fashion is upon us! What does that mean for you?
For me it means I'm pulling out all my velvet, faux fur, sequins and plaid! I've styled some of my personal items and also searched the internet for some AMAZING pieces for you to add into your holiday attire!

Velvet is such a timeless, romantic fabric. My favorite velvet is thrifted (obviously) and I have had so much luck finding amazing velvet pieces over the years. A flowy duster or a skater dress looks fabulous in this fabric. I paired my hunter green dress with an accent belt, over the knee detailed tights and platforms. Can I just say, if you haven't worn a platform in a while, get a pair. They are EMPOWERING.

The fur trend just exudes luxury. No matter if its a coat, a vest or a hat. If you want to make any outfit look more expensive, throw on some fur! Faux fur that is, animals are our friends not fashion. Here are some of my favorites!

Blank 1080 x 700

There's a fine line between fashionable sequins and marching band color guard sequins. No offense to my color guard gals, I used to be one! However a little sparkle never hurt anyone. Again, you guys, I find the BEST sequined items thrifting but during the holiday season you can find so many options online! I paired mine with a basic white tank, green corduroy flares, a belt and hat. FYI my accent belt is a suedo Gucci belt ( winky face) because honestly my mentality is Gucci or retirement fund...if you got it girl, you buy that Gucci belt! If not, this one is from Etsy.


When in doubt, plaid is THE holiday pattern. From table cloths to tree skirts to your ACTUAL skirt, it all works! If you are trying to pull together a holiday outfit a red plaid will always turn any outfit into a holiday look. Throw on your favorite jeans, a beanie & snow boots and you are ready for a Wisconsin holiday shindig!


I know the holidays look different this year for all of us. Even if its just you and your cat sharing the "ROAST BEAST" this holiday, NOTHING is stopping you from pulling out some of your favorite items, dressing up, feelin' good and taking a selfie for the gram!
If you shopped from this post or got inspired leave me a comment below!
Happy Holidays <3

Meg Ann Lee : A Winter Skincare Guide

Can you believe it is almost the end of 2020!? It's that time of the year again where the weather is changing and so is our skin.
If you get dry skin in the winter here are some of my favorite ways to rev up your skincare routine to stay hydrated and glowing.

Now, I love filling up a hot steamy bath, a glass of red wine and pretending I am in a luxurious Finnish sauna sweating my 2020 sorrows away but can you say DEHYDTRATION? I know it's cold outside, but taking long hot showers is not great for your skin, and actually, it can dry your skin out more. Keeping your showers between 5-10 minutes at a lukewarm temp is ideal.

Next, make sure you use a gentle cleanser. I am a sucker for fresh fruity fragrance but honestly, added fragrance is unnecessary and can do more harm than good for your skin. If your skin is feeling tight and dry, you're stripping too many of your natural oils out of your skin and that's the opposite of our goal! Look for a body wash or cleanser that is for sensitive skin and is moisturizing, here are a few great options:

After cleansing, we cannot forget exfoliating. This is key to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh because dead skin cells can reduce the amount of absorption you get from the products in your routine. There are so many different types of exfoliants but an easy go to for me is a sugar scrub! I recommend exfoliating only 1-2 times a week.

Make sure to add oil into your routine. I cannot recommend oil enough. I wont tell you to use basic coconut oil for your hair, but I swear by it on my skin! There are so many benefits to oil I could go on and on. A quick body oil hack is you can use your oil instead of shaving cream. My favorite oils are coconut oil for my body and rosehip seed oil for my face. My tip on applying your oil is to apply it on wet skin, in the shower but just be careful! It can get slippery reeeeaaaal quick. Let your oil sit for 3-5 minutes before you gently pat dry with a towel. Here are a few different oil options:

Lastly, apply a moisturizing cream to keep that moisture trapped in your skin all day long. Some key ingredients to look for are hyaluronic acid, ceramides, glycerin, different plant oils and sunscreen.

I hope this helps your winter skin glow and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! <3

Meg Ann Lee: Why You Should Buy Your Hair Products From Your Stylist.

In the days of department stores, off price retail chains, and Amazon Prime, why in the world would we buy our hair products from the salon?!

I'll tell you why.

First of all, we have this idea that salon brands are CRAZY expensive. Expensive is a relative term. We all have different budgets. Salon brands can range anywhere from $10-$100+. Most of the time your salon can match the price of your products found on Amazon, Ulta or Target. I promise there are salon grade products that fit in your budget if you visit a salon regularly.

Secondly, ingredients are important. Your hair CANNOT heal itself. It's dead, just like my 2020 EDM festival dreams. So, choosing products that will help keep it "looking alive" is key! You can fill and coat your hair strands to make your hair more manageable. That's where the magic is! Drugstore brands are mostly just detergents that remove the oil from your hair. Salon brands add in other high quality ingredients that make your hair feel softer. Over time, it makes styling more manageable. This is why you shouldn't be buying hair products at "off price stores" aka TJmaxx or Ross. These products do have a shelf life and the number one reason they are at those locations is because the brand can't sell those specific products elsewhere. If you're wondering about the shelf life of your products, check out this website!

Thirdly, if you are spending $100+ on your hair color, does it make sense to take care of it with a $3 shampoo? Drugstore products are meant to work on the masses. How does that bottle know what your hair needs? It doesn't. No one knows better than you and your stylist. You live with your hair. Communicate with your stylist to create the perfect product routine based on your hair texture, color, length and hair goals!

Lastly, your stylist makes commission! Yes, it's another way you can help support them and their small local business. Your stylist is the person you trust with your hair and your secrets; your go-to for all styling tips, late night hair emergencies and that extra confidence boost! The product commission they earn likely goes right back into their business, buying them updated tools and continued education.

If you read this whole article and realized you don't have a regular stylist yet feel free to reach out to me! There are so many wonderful, talented hair artists in the Eau Claire area I have full confidence you can find a perfect fit.

Meg Ann Lee: Why You Need to Start Thrifting and How it Will Change Your Closet

What's that saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure"?

Couldn't agree more!

I've always been a bit of a thrifter, you can say it's in my blood, having many great memories going thrifting with my mom and grandma. Then, in college, thrifting became one of my favorite past times with one of my best friends! We were exploring our styles, mixing new with old and creating DIY décor on a budget.

I always loved looking at old things, thinking of who that item belonged to, where it had been and what more I could do with it! One of my favorite denim jackets was purchased from a thrift sale. While I picked it up the lady told me it was her favorite jacket in the 90's and she wore it to a lot of concerts. Obviously I assured her it was going to see a lot of music with me and it has! I think about her every time I wear it.

Thrifting continues to be a great past time, mood booster and money saver! Here are some reasons YOU should start thrifting:

It's ballin' on a budget! My first vintage Coach bag was purchased right here at a local thrift shop. High end brands can be pricey and while some things may be an investment, getting it at a discount is always a plus. If you're looking for higher end, rarer pieces, my best advice is to thrift while you're traveling! I always travel to Denver with half a suite case packed only to come home with it pump full of thrifted items.

Mixing high end brands with affordable pieces is my favorite outfit combo. If you're decked out all in one high-end brand you look like a sponsored IG add.
Calm down.
Unless you are sponsored, I support your hustle.

It is also great for our environment! Buying upcycled clothes keeps them out of our landfills. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Americans throw away about 80lbs of clothing a year! Not only does the secondhand industry extend the life of items, it creates jobs and revenue.

Lastly, no one can copy your flex. You remember showing up to the first day of 5th grade and some kid had on the same hoodie, butterfly clips and Jnco jeans as you? Same.
Thrifting makes me think a little harder about creating new outfits with items I already have in my closet. I love knowing that the outfit I'm putting together is unique and I won't be showing up dressed like anyone else.

Like Macklemore said "I wear your granddad's clothes, I look incredible, I'm in this big ass coat, From that thrift shop down the road"

I hope this inspired you to check out our local thrift shops, save some money, recycle and create unique looks with your items!


Meg Ann Lee: Three Easy DIY Halloween Looks

Halloween is just around the corner! My favorite holiday by far.
This year is a little crazy but I'm not letting it ruin my spirit, even though it seems mother nature is forcing WINTER upon us.

Haven't prepared a costume yet?
Don't worry I got you.

"Halloween is the one day a year where..."

I swear, I can use quotes from that movie in so many scenarios. Tina Fey is a genius.
Anyway, Halloween is the one day a year where we get to be whoever we want, pay homage to famous characters or celebrate the spooky side of life or death.
I prepared three different looks that cover cute, spooky and badass. These looks incorporate basic makeup skills that you can pair with items YOU already have in your closet at home!

Black Widow.
Calling all my Gothic Babes.
If you can do a killer wing liner and rock some leather, this look is for you!
All black, sexy or punk whatever your style is you can personalize this look to fit your vibe.

Oh Deer.

A cute deer costume has always been a fav of min! Grab a brown sweater, leggings and prance your way to your socially distanced Halloween party in this costume!

Gangster Clown.

If you know me, IM DOWN TO CLOWN.
Different versions of clown-esque makeup always sounds like a good time to me! I would pair my clown look with black pants, a button up, chucks or heels.

Here are my quick & easy makeup looks you can do to complete all of these costumes. Let me know if these tutorials were helpful by tagging me in your Halloween creations!
Remember to wash your hands, stay safe and I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!