More Details On Kardashians Ending “KUWTK”

With heads still spinning over the announcement that "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" is ending its 14-year, 20-season run on E!, details are emerging about what led to sunsetting the show that redefined reality television.

Of course, details are a little conflicting, depending on the source. Because of course they do. BuzzFeed reports Kris Jenner felt it was "just the right time" plus 20 was a good, round number and coincided with the year.

Cosmo goes a little darker and deeper, citing sources that suggest multiple logistical and personal conflicts were taking their toll; not the least of which were supposed impending departures of Kim and Kylie from the show.

Whatever you choose to believe, the reality show landscape won't be the same after "KUWTK" ends in early 2021.