715 Spotlight: Children’s Author Maryna Wilson

On our latest 715 Spotlight, local children's author and illustrator Maryna Wilson talks with Tom Stryker about her creative process, inspirations for her stories and positive takeaways from 2020.

You can find her books here in Eau Claire through Dotters Books, as well as Amazon, Books-A-Million and other outlets. She's also on Etsy, Instagram and YouTube.

Have an idea for a future 715 Spotlight guest? Email tom@i94online.com.

Join Chippewa Valley YMCA’s Strong Challenge

We've given our TVs a workout this year, now it's time to do it ourselves with Chippewa Valley YMCA's Strong Challenge. Don't let the "strong" part scare you. You won't be bench-pressing Buicks. This is strengthening of mind, body and spirit, designed for a variety of ages and fitness levels.

As the Y's website explains, "For 6-weeks, 20 minutes a day, five days a week, we’ll experiment with challenges and rhythms designed to open us up to a purpose driven life that is STRONG."

For extra motivation, you can join the challenge as a family, with a team of friends or coworkers, or just on your own. Either way, it's free and promises to be a uniquely fun journey when it begins this Monday, October 19.

Click this link to learn more and register at https://www.ymca-cv.org/strong

Getting Through to Your Withdrawn Teen

Seeing your teenage child act dramatic, moody or withdrawn is nothing new. The eyerolls, slammed doors and stomping around are part and parcel with this stage of life. We all acted that way at some point.

However, today's teens typically face more than most of us did at their age--and that was before Covid-19. While there's no quick, one-size-fits-all solution, Lifehacker tackled "How Do I Get Through to My Withdrawn Teenager?" in their Parental Advisory section. It probably reads familiar to your own situation and is worth a look.

UPS Honors Local Drivers with Family Day

The local UPS distribution center in Altoona honored its drivers Friday morning with Family Day, a way for friends and families to show support and thank the company's drivers.

Dozens did just that, making signs and cheering for drivers as they started their routes. The Altoona Fire Department dropped by to give kids (and a few big kids) tours of a fire engine. Since we're literally their neighbors, our Midwest Family Eau Claire radio staff and WEAU 13 News were invited to drop by as well.

But if you're expecting a delivery today, don't worry. We stayed out of the way and the trucks all rolled out on time!

When Parent and Teacher Are One

You probably have a stronger appreciation for teachers now that you've done your best to homeschool your kid during the pandemic.

What happens when a mom is also a teacher trying to give an online lesson, whose spouse is MIA while their own child fusses? Watch the video below and we promise you will be able to relate to her facial expressions and resiliency!

Got a Sec? Name a Color

It isn't often that something falls into so many categories; family-friendly, mentally stimulating, fun for all generations--other than listening to I-94, of course. ColorNames.org is an online collaborative effort to name every last color in the RGB/web spectrum.

"Anyone can propose a new name for a particular color," the site explains. "So long as the name is descriptive and non-offensive, it becomes associated with that color. If multiple names are proposed for the same color, it is then a matter of which name has the most votes from the community."

And with almost 17 million hues, there are plenty to go around. It's free and no personal data is needed. Just browse and let your creative flag fly.


Live Stream the Northern Lights

Self-quarantining and social distancing doesn't have to mean sensory deprivation from yet another episode or movie.

Thanks to Explore.org and Polar Bears International, you and your family can live stream northern lights from Canada. With the live cam originating in Manitoba, the location is ideal for vivid displays.

For best results, it's recommended you have a look between 9 pm and 3 am Central time. Click the image below or copy/paste this to your browser: https://explore.org/livecams/aurora-borealis-northern-lights/northern-lights-cam