Thanksgiving Foods You Shouldn’t Give Your Pets

One of the many benefits of having pets is automatic clean-up whenever food hits the floor. If you think that benefit is exponentially greater with more food around for Thanksgiving, or you want to treat your fur baby to some of your hearty meal, it's best to think twice.

Erin Sawyer, chief medical officer and co-founder of GoodPup, a dog training app, told The New York Post how some of the foods we love--and they love--could be downright dangerous to them.

Read the entire article here and see the video below.

Hear the First Christmas Song for Dogs

Now your doggo can get in the holiday spirit, too. A pet food company in England went to great lengths creating "Raise the Woof," what they call the first Christmas song for dogs.

They claim to have used scientific research and dog focus groups in the process, settling on "a reggae beat and the sounds of bells, squeaky toys, and owners' instructions to illicit a response from dogs." They even recorded it at Abbey Road Studios.

You and your pooch can judge for yourselves through the link below. Hey, at least it's not Baby Shark!

Happy National Dog Day!

They're like family, friends, protectors and therapists with waggy tails; and it's time to celebrate them.

If your social media feed is looking more dog-filled than normal, it's not an accident. Wednesday is National Dog Day, and as explains, it's a holiday first observed in 2004 to bring awareness to adoptable doggos of all ages and breeds in need of forever homes.

Child Hero Praised by Favorite Superhero

Praise has been pouring in for 6-year-old Bridger Walker after he saved his younger sister from a dog attack July 9. In that incident, the Wyoming boy sustained injuries requiring 90 stitches.

Yet for all the well wishes given by everyday people and celebrities alike, one stood out: a video from Captain America himself, Chris Evans. In the linked video below, Evans commends Bridger for his bravery and promises to send him "an authentic Captain America shield" to go along with his outfit.

Dogs Don’t Recognize Us Like We Think They Do

As pet parents, we like to think our doggos have our faces memorized. Since we're accustomed to recognizing faces by predominant features (eyes, mouths, noses); we assume they do too. New research suggests that's not necessarily so, as reported on The Today Show (follow link below).

New Dog Harness Relays Feelings

We all talk to our dogs, and now our dogs are one step closer to talking back. As shown at this week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the new dog harness from Langualess changes color with mood. Sensors monitor heart rate to interpret whether your doggo is excited, happy, interested, relaxed or stressed. Already on sale in Japan for about $37, they should be available in the US later this year.