Larry David Makes the Most Larry David Public Service Announcement

Your kids know Larry David from playing Bernie Sanders on SNL, you know him from Curb Your Enthusiasm and as a Seinfeld co-creator, but Larry doesn't care. He also doesn't care for the way people aren't social distancing and staying home.

In the new public service announcement below, the constant curmudgeon scolds, "You're hurting people like me. Well, not me...I have nothing to do with you, I'll never see you."

Berklee Students Perform Together, Virtually

When Shelbie Rassler was sent home from in-person classes at Berklee College of Music due to COVID-19, she was inspired to keep the music alive. Together with 74 of her classmates, they performed the classic "What the World Needs Now"...just not all together at once.

With each student singing and/or playing an instrument to video, the virtual chorus and orchestra was formed. Rassler then produced, arranged and edited the final product you see below. Definitely deserving of an A+, and it is indeed what the world needs now.

Live Stream the Northern Lights

Self-quarantining and social distancing doesn't have to mean sensory deprivation from yet another episode or movie.

Thanks to and Polar Bears International, you and your family can live stream northern lights from Canada. With the live cam originating in Manitoba, the location is ideal for vivid displays.

For best results, it's recommended you have a look between 9 pm and 3 am Central time. Click the image below or copy/paste this to your browser:

Making Days at Home Pandemic-Positive

When you suddenly find yourself with more time at home, it's tempting to scroll through social media feeds nonstop and binge every last show on your watch list. And of course, some screen time is fine.

But what about actual productivity? You can only do so much laundry and get your home so clean before the sense of accomplishment fades.

Good News Network has a lot of healthy and positive ideas to try. Click the link below for some much-needed positivity.

Pink Fights Stress with Homemade Pasta

Yes, she's incredibly rich and famous, but Pink also strikes us as a caring person who remains in touch with reality. And like the rest of us, she's a little frazzled with everything happening lately.

Her solution? Pasta therapy. As we see in the clip below, Pink takes out some anxiety by kneading pasta dough in her kitchen.

“I’m stressed out,” she laughs. “This is all bad...all bad news, so I’m making ravioli.”