Meg Ann Lee: Three Easy DIY Halloween Looks

Halloween is just around the corner! My favorite holiday by far.
This year is a little crazy but I'm not letting it ruin my spirit, even though it seems mother nature is forcing WINTER upon us.

Haven't prepared a costume yet?
Don't worry I got you.

"Halloween is the one day a year where..."

I swear, I can use quotes from that movie in so many scenarios. Tina Fey is a genius.
Anyway, Halloween is the one day a year where we get to be whoever we want, pay homage to famous characters or celebrate the spooky side of life or death.
I prepared three different looks that cover cute, spooky and badass. These looks incorporate basic makeup skills that you can pair with items YOU already have in your closet at home!

Black Widow.
Calling all my Gothic Babes.
If you can do a killer wing liner and rock some leather, this look is for you!
All black, sexy or punk whatever your style is you can personalize this look to fit your vibe.

Oh Deer.

A cute deer costume has always been a fav of min! Grab a brown sweater, leggings and prance your way to your socially distanced Halloween party in this costume!

Gangster Clown.

If you know me, IM DOWN TO CLOWN.
Different versions of clown-esque makeup always sounds like a good time to me! I would pair my clown look with black pants, a button up, chucks or heels.

Here are my quick & easy makeup looks you can do to complete all of these costumes. Let me know if these tutorials were helpful by tagging me in your Halloween creations!
Remember to wash your hands, stay safe and I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!

Meg Ann Lee: Rare Beauty

Let's talk makeup.

There are hundreds of brands and thousands of products; How do we choose?
One thing I like to do is read about a company's mission statement, their purpose and what they do to give back to their community.

Rare Beauty, created by Selena Gomez, just launched last month exclusively at Sephora. Not only is the makeup vegan and cruelty free, but Rare Beauty will also donate 1% of their annual sales to the Rare Impact fund. The Rare Impact fund is committed to reducing the stigma associated with mental illness and help people gain access to mental health resources.


Now this is a brand I can stand by, so naturally I picked up quite a few products for myself. Out of those products, my, hands down, favorite is the liquid highlight in the shade Transcend.

And just so you're aware...a liquid highlight can actually change your life.

You're welcome.

If you'd like a full product review I've linked my review video below and remember, YOU are rare because of your imperfections, embrace them, celebrate them & Love your beauty <3