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11/15 - Hanks Gets Close, But Not Quite
Posted 11/15/2012 5:17:00 AM


Earlier this spring, a... special... candidate for Senate in Virginia caught our eye: Hank-- the Maine Coon cat. Hank's owner had him run for office as a way of highlighting the ridiculous nature of the political commercials both sides produce these days. Well, Hank actually received over 7,000 write-in votes last week-- which put him in third place. 7,000 people were so disgusted by the actual race, they voted for a kitty!  Here is Hank's commercial... followed by a negative Hank commercial, paid for by the 'Canines For A Feline Free Tomorrow' Super PAC.


And here's a follow-up commercial by the 'Canines For A Feline Free Tomorrow' political action committee...




Posted By: Curt St. John and Sue Kelly  
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