Pet of the Week

Meet Linus! Linus is about 7 months old and is available for adoption through Bob’s House For dogs where he’s being fostered. Adoption Coordinator Nikki says Linus is: sweet, smart, potty trained, loves fetch with balls, snuggling, playing, loves other dogs and is good with cats.

Bo just turned 10 and is “in transition” as he’s being checked over and fully vetted so he can be all set to come live with you in his new Fur Ever home. 🙂

Lexi is the latest addition to the house and is doing wonderfully! Now all she needs is….. YOU! Lexi is about 14, gets along great with other dogs and will gladly share your lap with you, whenever, wherever.

Smile, darn ya, smile! Meet Gary! This scrappy lil devil is fostered at Bob’s House For Dogs through Monroe County. He’s about 8 to 10 years old and is just a delight.

UPDATE! Shortly after Harold visited us, he received a “halo”…. it’s a ring that fits around his scruff that helps him maneuver around furniture, doorways, peoples’ legs etc. and helps him to not bump into objects with his sight challenges. And he now has a wonderful home and a household where he can live out his third act. Yay, Harold!!!!

Harold comes to Bob’s House For Dogs through Monroe County. He’s ruff-ly 10 years old and his eyesight is almost completely gone. He gets around very well and has a hearty zest for life. He’s loving and gentle and would love to meet you.

Wanna help Bob’s House For Dogs AND get the chance to win some money? Calendar raffles will fulfill all your wishes. Ok, just those 2 but it’s a start, right? By the way, Ted does thank you in advance AND he’s available FUR adoption.

Meet Annie and Chester! They are a Mama and son combo who want to meet you! These beagles are about 10 and 11 and are sweet cuddle buddies.

Chester and Annie just chillin…..
Annie thinks I’m going to share my lunch with her. There is bacon in there so I get the fascination……

Leila is this week’s Pet of The Week! She’s new to the house and is in transition. She’s getting her medical evaluation done and will be available for adoption soon. All the mamas at Bob’s House are giving her space, time, patience, love, belly rubs and treats and letting her start to come out of her shell. She’s about 8 or 9 years old and was surrendered to the shelter by her owners. Applications are being accepted and you can get all the deets at


Honey Comb! Honey Comb is about 6 years old and new to Bob’s House For Dogs. She’s in transition right now, getting a spay and a thorough examination by a Veterinarian. Honey Comb should be good to go in about a week. She loves laps, is a gem on a leash, loves car rides and is waiting to hear from you.

Duke! So dashing!

Duke was recently adopted, along with his new friend Chance: also a Bob’s House adoptee. Seeing folks adopt not one but 2 dogs warms the hearts of the Bob’s House moms and dads who love them like their own.

Duke’s coat was shaved down when he arrived due to it being in pretty rough shape from his prior living conditions.
Duke has settled in nicely at Bob’s House. He’s waiting to meet you.

Eli is this week’s Pet of The Week! Eli is in the “Here to Stay” program at Bob’s House For Dogs. Eli arrived last Spring and had severe socialization and anxiety issues. He’s come a long way!

Heather Muller, Lead Veterinary Technician, says: “It makes my heart warm in the thoughts of how far this dog has come. We can pet him, he plays like a real dog in the yard, and slow but surely he will live with some normalcy here at Bob’s. He is such a smart dog, he knows kennel, stay. It’s definitely helped him see life differently. We may never fix all his anxiety but with a lot of reassurance and love Eli will be living out his life with us at Bobs.” 

Eli with Heather
Like a school picture! Good job, Eli!

Meet the new and improved Susie! (SuzyQ to her Bob’s House mamas) Susie came to Bob’s House so dangerously overweight, the shelter she was originally at (in a different state) was going to euthanize her. Since being at Bob’s House, she has lost almost 30% of her body weight. She’s now running with the other dogs and rolling in the yard, happy as can be. And flirty. She’s very flirty with the boys of the house. She’s still got it.

Obesity is a real issue with dogs. Even though we love to give them scraps and spoil them, putting too much weight on their little joints and organs is dangerous and can lead to premature aging. With strong and loving diligence from the staff and volunteers at Bob’s, Susie’s weight is normal and healthy. You can see from the before picture that she is a totally different dog! Way to go, Susie! What an inspiration.

Sue and Susie (Kelly and K9)


Susie’s before. When Susie first got to the house, the poor gal could hardly lift herself up from a laying position. She usually needed a little boost.
Now that is a happy smile! Susie’s after photo and this girl can now get up on her own, run, frolick, flirt. She can do it all! Except play the harmonica. She cannot play the harmonica…. yet…

Let it ride, Clyde! Clyde is looking for you to be his next snuggle bunny. This rock star is a very popular chap at Bob’s House. He loves to fetch and despite his manageable issues with arthritis, he gets around like a champ. He’ll play fetch til your arm falls off!

The dogs who stay at Bob’s House get so much exercice and outside time, they often have hard time staying awake for dinner. They manage…. but the struggle is real. Chillin with Clyde

Happy New Year from Clyde!

ADOPTED! Congratulations to Earl and his new family! Earl (pictured right) is going home with a wonderful family and even has a new big sister: sister is even smiling. 🙂

Duke, Duke, Duke…. Duke of Earl, Earl, Earl….. Meet Earl!! (Sue likes to call him Earl Spencer cause she’s a Royal nerd) Earl is at Bob’s House For Dogs and ready to make your royal aquaintance. Earl is from a puppy mill so a lil extra lovin and some quiet TLC would be ideal for this Prince. In the short time Earl has been at Bob’s, he’s come out of his shell and is making a place for himself very nicely. He’d love to meet you. Despite only knowing brief human touch (for very short spurts of time), he’s very fond of lap time, cuddling and once he learned what treats are, he earns them like a King.

This week we met Skippy! Skippy is new to Bob’s House and as of this publishing time is recovering from his much-needed dental. He’s about 12 or 13 and is a snuggly, nuzzly, lovey boo. He’d love to meet you!!

Ripley and Nikki came to visit us this morning. This sweet guy is still in transition but will soon be available for adoption. Bob’s House works with many area veterinarians in the area who have been incredible angels to the dogs at Bob’s. They take extra care to make sure the dogs are healthy and ready for their new home. Ripley will get his chompers cleaned and get any other necessary medical care he may need before he comes to live with you: and give you all the unconditional love you could possibly ask for.

UPDATE: Since his visit, Ripley had to have his eye removed and recovered very well at Bob’s House For Dogs. He was adopted by repeat adopters who recently lost their other one-eyed love, also a former Bob’s House resident. Repeat adopters are the BEST!!!! Ripley is living the dream with his loving mom and dad.

Nikki and Ripley
Winter Fun with Ripley
Here’s a lil dog’s eye view into what Bob’s House For Dogs is all about…..

November 8th, 2018


Dolly is a surrender available for adoption through Bob’s House For Dogs. She’s estimated to be about 11 years old or so but we all know one never really asks a lady how old she is. If you’d like to meet Dolly or would like to meet any of the dogs at Bob’s House, you can email Nikki at:

October 25th, 2018


This morning we met Lydia from Bob’s House For Dogs. Sweet, gentle, loving Lydia was found as a stray so we’re not sure on age. Probably around 10 or 11 years young. Lydia would be the perfect addition to any family. Maybe yours?
She enjoys walking in the yard, hugs, watercolor painting, watching the dogs play, and occassionally going after the tennis ball. Lydia will give sweet hugs and is always polite.
If you’d like to meet Lydia, please email Nikki at:

October 18th, 2018


Allow us to introduce you to Clyde. Clyde is about 10 years old and is the best ball fetcher ever! Despite his older-ish ways, Clyde loves to hike and plays fetch like a boss.  He even enjoys swimming! He would also love to snuggle up with you too.
If you’d like to know more about Clyde or any of the dogs available for adoption through Bob’s House For Dogs, find them online at or call Nikki at the house. 715-878-4505
Clyde is looking forward to your call!

October 11th, 2018


Max is a 14 yr. old schnauzer mix that is being fostered at Bob’s House For Dogs for Monroe County Animal Shelter in Sparta WI. Max is slowly coming out of his shell, and as you can see, he enjoyed his much needed spa time! Now his coat is clean and bunny soft