Ellen Cuts Her Mom’s Hair

May 22, 2020

With Chippewa Valley hair salons reopening, there’s excitement in just getting an appointment. Not everyone has that option just yet, so anybody who still has quarantine hair can empathize with Ellen DeGeneres and her mother. For her 91st birthday, Mom got a home haircut (well, buzz, actually) from Ellen. As you’ll see from the video, […]

Kellogg’s Toucan Sam Makeover Botched, Says Social Media

May 20, 2020

Kellogg’s is getting attention for all the wrong reasons after performing a major facelift to Toucan Sam from Fruit Loops. His blue body is now a kind of two-tone blue and turquoise, his beak went psychedelic and his eyes now have an anime look. While it’s not at all unusual for companies to tweak logos […]