Tiger King: Where Are They Now?

March 29, 2020

Now that you’ve finished your binge of #TigerKing on #Netflix, with or without your dignity intact (we don’t judge), you naturally have questions about where the main characters are now. #Variety satisfies your curiosity with this feature: Finished #TigerKing? Find out what’s happened to everyone after the show ended https://t.co/C59DaWuQbb pic.twitter.com/uATDvYr0Cz— Variety (@Variety) March 29, […]

Berklee Students Perform Together, Virtually

March 26, 2020

When Shelbie Rassler was sent home from in-person classes at Berklee College of Music due to COVID-19, she was inspired to keep the music alive. Together with 74 of her classmates, they performed the classic “What the World Needs Now”…just not all together at once. With each student singing and/or playing an instrument to video, […]