715 Spotlight: Child Behavioral Health with Mayo Clinic

By tstryker | Sep 8, 2020 | 0 Comments

As 2020 continues to challenge us, it can be exceptionally difficult for your kids as they navigate the new school year on top of everything else. Jennifer Wickham is a Behavioral Health Therapist with Mayo Clinic in Eau Claire. In this segment, she discusses warning signs that kids exhibit plus how to get them the […] Read More

Jelly Belly Creator Giving Away Candy Factory

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It’s like Willy Wonka meets real life. David Klein, creator of Jelly Belly and Tricky Treasures, is retiring from the candy biz–but not before the grand gesture of giving away a candy factory. Klein and his partner traveled the US and hid gold ticket necklaces in all 50 states. Finding one means you’ll win $5,000 […] Read More

Snoop Dogg Launches INDOGGO Gin

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As long as we’re digging up the past on our No Scrubs 90s Weekend, you cannot forget Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice” from 1994. Now, you can drink it using Snoop’s new line of gin called INDOGGO (pronounced “Indigo”). It’s said to have a hint of strawberry flavor and “the ultimate remix of seven premium […] Read More

It’s a No Scrubs 90s Weekend

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Y’all ready for this? Labor Day Weekend is a No Scrubs 90s Weekend for us, and you’re invited to the party. It’s a time for throwbacks from the decade that gave you “Friends,” baggy jeans, grunge (complete with year-round flannel) and a weird obsession with clear drinks from Crystal Pepsi to Zima. Since there was […] Read More

Ed Sheeran & Cherry Seaborn Announce Birth of Daughter

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For Ed Sheeran to return to social media in his first post since December, you figure it has to be big news. And it is. Ed and Cherry Seaborn are now parents to a daughter, Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran. We only know her birthdate as sometime “last week” and the couple is “on cloud nine” […] Read More

Lady Gaga Dominates 2020 VMAs

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Sunday night’s VMAs on MTV had a different look and feel, much like 2020 itself. After the show opened with a dedication to Chadwick Boseman, The Weeknd then wowed with a live performance of “Blinding Lights.” That song would go on to win Best R&B as well as Video of the Year, though in both […] Read More

Back to School Bucks Receives Surprise Donation

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Together with sister station Greatest Hits 98.1, our annual Back to School Bucks drive is focusing on securing healthy meals and computer technology for locals kids this year. That caught the attention of the Chippewa Valley Information Technology Professionals group, prompting President, Scott Funk to reach out to us. And on Friday, Greatest Hits 98.1’s […] Read More

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Welcome Daughter Daisy Dove

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Katy Perry knew it would be close, but which would happen first: her daughter’s birth or her album’s release? Turned out to be the former, as Perry, 35, and Orlando Bloom, 43, welcomed daughter Daisy Dove on Thursday; one day before #Smile is available. Bloom shared an Instagram post from UNICEF, for which the couple […] Read More

Happy National Dog Day!

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They’re like family, friends, protectors and therapists with waggy tails; and it’s time to celebrate them. If your social media feed is looking more dog-filled than normal, it’s not an accident. Wednesday is National Dog Day, and as explains, it’s a holiday first observed in 2004 to bring awareness to adoptable doggos of all […] Read More

Paris Hilton Reveals More Ahead of Netflix Doc

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Netflix’s upcoming “This is Paris” documentary already promises a side of Paris Hilton never portrayed in the tabloids or on reality shows like “The Simple Life.” The trailer hints at the heiress playing a persona to meet the expectations of others. In an interview with “People,” the 39-year old begins to describe the abuse she […] Read More