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8/23 - Bernie's Uncanny Sense Of Timing
Posted 8/23/2012 8:07:00 AM



If you follow the Brewers at all, you probably know by now that the team released pitcher Randy Wolf Wednesday. He wasn't having a stellar season, he was in the last year of his three-year contract, and the team wasn't going to re-sign him-- they're going with younger pitchers next year, who are currently coming up through the Brewers' farm system.  And, by releasing him (and still paying him the remaining $2 million on his contract for this season, plus another $1.5 million for not taking the 2013 option year in addition to the $20 million plus he's already earned) now, he will most likely be signed by another team still in the pennant race. So, even though he's technically out of a job, it's not like when one of us people in the real world lose our jobs-- even if they did release him on his 36th birthday.

What's funny, though (in a dark sense), is that Bernie Brewer, the team mascot, tweeted, "Happy Birthday, Randy Wolf!" yesterday... only to have the official Brewers site tweet-- an hour later-- "Brewers release LHP Randy Wolf...". Now THAT'S some timing. Guess Bernie didn't get the personnel memo...

Deadspin has the entire story (with screen captures, and a few naughty words) HERE...


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