“Ferris Bueller” Cast Reunites on Josh Gad Series

Josh Gad's "Reunited Apart" series on YouTube has been great viewing in recent months and this week was no exception as the episode with the "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" cast was a home run ("Sa-wing, batta...").

I'm trying to ignore the fact that Alan Ruck (Cameron) turned 64 this week and was 30 when the movie came out. Matthew Broderick was 24. It's beginning to feel like part of my youth was a lie. Anyway, enjoy the episode!


Celebs Do Homemade Remake of “The Princess Bride”

Some of your favorite stars have remade one of your favorite movies. Jack Black, Common, Josh Gad, Jennifer Garner, Neil Patrick Harris, Joe Jonas, Keegan Michael-Key, Rainn Wilson and others assume the classic roles (and sometimes multiple roles) in the homemade remake of "The Princess Bride."

Directed by Jason Reitman and streaming on Quibi now, you won't be able to watch it start-to-finish, owing to the platform's format of truncated episodes. It is being released in chunks, so you can catch a preview below and then get started on the rest.

Halsey Releasing Book of Poetry

Already more than a little busy with #BlackCreatorsFund on Twitter, studying for the bar exam...and of course, music; Halsey somehow finds time for another project: poetry.

Her original collection, "I Would Leave Me If I Could," is now available for preorder. It delves into thoughts of doomed relationships, family ties, mental illness, and sexuality.

“I wrote a few thousand sentences but am somehow struggling to string together a single one to summarize how excited I am about this,” she posted on Instagram.

The collection is scheduled for release later this year on November 10.

Kurt Cobain’s “MTV Unplugged” Guitar Breaks Auction Records

In the Venn diagram of our youth and MTV actually playing music-related content, "MTV Unplugged" was a memorable point in the middle. It spanned genres and generations; Tori Amos to Aerosmith, Bob Dylan to Duran Duran.

A high-water mark in the series was Nirvana's 1993 stint, showcasing the band in a mellower set and marking the last time most of us would see Kurt Cobain perform.

The Martin acoustic guitar he played for "Unplugged," already desirable without the provenance, just sold at auction for an astonishing $6 million. The sale broke several records: most expensive guitar, most expensive acoustic guitar, most expensive memorabilia, and most expensive Nirvana memorabilia sold at auction.

If there's any consolation to a symbol of our better days selling to the highest bidder (was that '90s angsty' enough?), it has found a good home. Rather than become a static display in a man cave, the auction house assures us the guitar's new Australian owner will "display the guitar in a worldwide tour of exhibitions to be held in distinguished galleries and art spaces, with all proceeds (including the guitar) going to the performing arts." See more below.

New School Year Begins Taking Focus with DPI Guidelines

Summer break is still officially in its early days (even if your kids have been home for months), but you could already be curious how the fall semester will look at your kid's school.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) issued "Education Forward" guidelines Monday. They bring fall into focus and give initial insight as to what can be done to maintain open classrooms while keeping students and staff safe.

More information and a link to the DPI's full report can be found through this link to the 715 Newsroom: https://715newsroom.com/2020/06/22/department-of-public-instruction-releases-guidelines-for-schools/

Juneteenth Celebrated Locally

Juneteenth is a holiday gaining awareness but is by no means a recent development. In fact, it's been generations in the making. Celebrations continue this afternoon locally and you can learn more from this link to the 715 Newsroom and also Facebook:



“Great British Bake Off” Host Sells Ed Sheeran Painting for Over $1k

Art is subjective. That's the beauty of it, even when it's not immediately obvious to the eye. Someone apparently saw the appeal of an Ed Sheeran portrait, painted by Noel Fielding; best known to us in America as co-host of The Great British Bake Off. It sold for the equivalent of about $1,100 USD and was one in a series of Fielding's works auctioned by Saatchi Art.

“Drawing on surrealism, dada and neo-expressionism, Noel’s body of work treats us to a feast of colour and a trip through the triangle window into his soul,” the gallery described.

Call us rubes but Fielding's likeness of Sheeran, shown below, seems less reflective of his association with The Great British Bake Off and more like a mishap on Nailed It! At this rate, check the front of your fridge. It may be holding a valuable crayon or finger paint masterpiece created by your kids.

UPS Honors Local Drivers with Family Day

The local UPS distribution center in Altoona honored its drivers Friday morning with Family Day, a way for friends and families to show support and thank the company's drivers.

Dozens did just that, making signs and cheering for drivers as they started their routes. The Altoona Fire Department dropped by to give kids (and a few big kids) tours of a fire engine. Since we're literally their neighbors, our Midwest Family Eau Claire radio staff and WEAU 13 News were invited to drop by as well.

But if you're expecting a delivery today, don't worry. We stayed out of the way and the trucks all rolled out on time!

WI State Park Camping Reopens

With so many concerts and festivals canceled this year, it's nice to share a story from the 715 Newsroom about something reopening.

Most campgrounds at Wisconsin state parks are now open again. There are a few exceptions, which you'll find at this link. The DNR reminds us that capacity limits are still in effect. And features like concession stands, observation towers, playgrounds and rentals are still closed for the time being. See more below.