Fall Weekend Family Fun Ideas

With no Saturday football yet and Green Bay playing Sunday night, this weekend should be a perfect to see the fall colors and be active around the Chippewa Valley and beyond.

If you have the kids, here are some options close to home from Volume One. Local wandering could be worth $1,000 if you get lucky in the Chippewa Valley Treasure Hunt.

Want to wander a little further? Washburn County is reporting fall colors near their peak around Minong and Spooner. Keep tabs on progress around your fav Wisconsin spots with the link to our Fall Color Map. Enjoy the weekend!

Unprecedented “America’s Got Talent” Season Finale

To say the least, it's been an unusual year for us all, and "America's Got Talent" was no exception. During Season 16, Covid-19 eliminated the in-person audience and an electric bike eliminated Simon Cowell from judging.

So in such an unprecedented sequence of events, it's little wonder the season winner would be a first of sorts, too. While I was personally rooting for Archie Williams the whole way, Wednesday night's three-hour marathon finale had spoken-word artist Brandon Leake taking home top honors.

Millie Bobby Brown Stars in “Enola Holmes” on Netflix

Until we can return to Hawkins for the next season of "Stranger Things," our new chance to watch Millie Bobby Brown hardly looks like a consolation. Netflix dropped its film adaptation of "Enola Holmes" Wednesday, with Brown starring as the title character.

As the younger sibling of the famous Sherlock Holmes, Enola enlists her brother's help when their mother goes missing. She's hardly helpless though, and doesn't sit idly by in the meantime.

This interpretation of the book series is seen as both empowering and entertaining for families. Speaking of which, it's rated PG-13 for violence; occurrences of language and sex in the books is said to be absent from the film.

Of course, it never hurts to screen it first and decide whether it's appropriate for your family.

Evers Issues New Public Health Emergency

Governor Tony Evers issued a new public health emergency Tuesday morning. In response to COVID-19 cases increasing among 18 to 24-year olds at UW campuses across Wisconsin, Executive Order 90 went into effect.

The order works in tandem with the existing emergency order through most of November. For updates and reaction, stay in touch with 715Newsroom.com.

Ellen Addresses Workplace Toxicity in Season Opener

Ellen DeGeneres opened the season of her show by addressing allegations of workplace toxicity and other behavior you wouldn't necessarily associate with her or those she would employ.

"I am that person that you see on TV. I'm also a lot of other things. Sometimes I get sad, I get mad, I get anxious, I get frustrated, I get impatient — and I am working on all of that," she explained. "Today we're starting a new chapter."

The Weeknd Is the Weekend Debate

Friday's news of The Weeknd working on a new album and having cinematic aspirations? Big news, for sure. Still, it's threatened to be overshadowed by a debate on Twitter (where else??).

Fellow Canadian Andrew Huang tweeted, "every weeknd song uses the same four notes," accompanied with a video playing along with The Weeknd's music. Predictably, reaction ranges from admiration to disdain.

I confess I don't have a sharp enough musical ear to confirm or deny that, but really...does it matter? I mean, it's The Weeknd...

Lose “Quarantine 15,” Gain $13K

We know all the logical reasons to lose our "Quarantine 15," the weight we gained this year. But if that's not enough, $13,000 could finally separate us from our couches.

British fitness website Total Shape is offering that to a few lucky UK and US participants for testing "four of the latest and most popular diet and fitness regimes."

It breaks down to a guaranteed $8,000 to start, then up to an additional $5,000 as you reach milestones and post your results on social media. See more below, and good luck!

Big Ten Football Is On, Wisconsin!

Pro football is fine, but there's still nothing like college games. The Big Ten Conference announced Wednesday an attempt to salvage our Saturdays with a shortened nine-game season, beginning the weekend of October 23rd.

Details and logistics are still being finalized, including whether we'll be able to tailgate en masse outside Camp Randall or how many will be allowed inside. Stay updated on this and other stories at 715Newsroom.com.

More Details On Kardashians Ending “KUWTK”

With heads still spinning over the announcement that "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" is ending its 14-year, 20-season run on E!, details are emerging about what led to sunsetting the show that redefined reality television.

Of course, details are a little conflicting, depending on the source. Because of course they do. BuzzFeed reports Kris Jenner felt it was "just the right time" plus 20 was a good, round number and coincided with the year.

Cosmo goes a little darker and deeper, citing sources that suggest multiple logistical and personal conflicts were taking their toll; not the least of which were supposed impending departures of Kim and Kylie from the show.

Whatever you choose to believe, the reality show landscape won't be the same after "KUWTK" ends in early 2021.

Facebook to Pay Users to Deactivate Before Election

It isn't often a company pays you not to use their product. But since this is 2020, nothing surprises us much.

Facebook will soon pay users to briefly deactivate their Facebook and/or Instagram accounts in the weeks leading up to the November election. The company is enlisting independent researchers to determine what impact the two social media apps have on democracy, if any.

Deactivation is purely voluntary and will invitation-only; a statement estimated participation between 200,000 and 400,000 users. If selected, compensation to temporarily deactivate would be between $10 and $20 per week, for one to six weeks, at the user's discretion.