Thanksgiving Foods You Shouldn’t Give Your Pets

One of the many benefits of having pets is automatic clean-up whenever food hits the floor. If you think that benefit is exponentially greater with more food around for Thanksgiving, or you want to treat your fur baby to some of your hearty meal, it's best to think twice.

Erin Sawyer, chief medical officer and co-founder of GoodPup, a dog training app, told The New York Post how some of the foods we love--and they love--could be downright dangerous to them.

Read the entire article here and see the video below.

Products with the Biggest Black Friday Deals

It's tempting to blame 2020 alone for annual traditions changing their look and feel, but consumer trends have been reshaping Black Friday for years.

Of course the pandemic plays an undeniable role this year, and retailers continue adjusting in several ways. Not only in what they deeply discount, but when.

WalletHub conducts an annual survey to capture these trends and help you spend your holiday bucks more carefully; see the results here and link to it below.


Taylor Swift Wins Big at AMAs

Sunday evening's Amercian Music Awards aired on ABC, and it was clearly Taylor Swift's night.

Her wins include Artist of the Year, Favorite Music Video for "Cardigan" and Favorite Female Pop/Rock Artist. She wasn't present to haul home her hardware, though. Through a remote acceptance speech, she explained she was too busy re-recording her old albums to attend.

The show was hosted by Taraji P. Henson speaking to a limited live audience, but there were also cardboard cutouts among them, like that viral Fleetwood Mac skateboard guy.

As for other awards, Doja Cat won Best New Artist, Justin Bieber was named Favorite Male Pop/Rock Artist (and sang an excellent "Lonely" live), "Don't Start Now" by Dua Lipa scored Favorite Song and BTS snagged Favorite Duo or Group.

Click here for the full list of winners.\


Hear the First Christmas Song for Dogs

Now your doggo can get in the holiday spirit, too. A pet food company in England went to great lengths creating "Raise the Woof," what they call the first Christmas song for dogs.

They claim to have used scientific research and dog focus groups in the process, settling on "a reggae beat and the sounds of bells, squeaky toys, and owners' instructions to illicit a response from dogs." They even recorded it at Abbey Road Studios.

You and your pooch can judge for yourselves through the link below. Hey, at least it's not Baby Shark!

Chippewa Valley Habitat for Humanity Bloomer Project Underway

We're happy to share good news on a fundraiser followup. Around this time last year, I-94 listeners gave generously to Chippewa Valley Habitat for Humanity.

Thanks to you, the project has taken a major step forward with groundbreaking for the new partner family's home in Bloomer. See Morgan McCarthy's story on as well as a related story about your original donations.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Today Is National Unfriend Day

Your paranoid uncle with the tinfoil hat who rambles about politics nonstop. Former coworkers. Your ex. That old roommate. Classmates who constantly humblebrag...or just plain brag.

This is the time to clean house virtually because it's the 10th anniversary of National Unfriend Day. It began when Jimmy Kimmel announced it on his show but has since morphed into something very real and potentially cathartic.

After all, do you truly care about your friend count or the quality and relevance of posts from them? Sure, you can snooze or unfollow them, but it doesn't feel the same and could even damage your reputation by association if that person's posts take a truly deplorable turn.

So give it a thought and maybe tighten your circle a little...what you lose could feel like a win.

Lifetime Holiday Movies Using Plexiglass Kiss Barriers

With 2020 forcing us toward creative solutions in our social and dating lives, have you considered a plexiglass kissing barrier? Not exactly subtle or compact, but a conversation starter, for sure.

And it's exactly the solution Lifetime devised to allow their actors to kiss while staying reasonably safe from Covid-19. Watching a kiss with a barrier might sound as exciting as sorting socks, but the thing is, we won't know it's there.

Actor Daniel di Tomasso's Instagram post below shows a still with the barrier in place between him and Ali Stroker, but through the magic of technology, it'll be digitally erased when "Christmas Ever After" airs on Lifetime December 6th.

New Candle Embodies “2020 Scent”

And now, the answer to a question nobody asked.

A novelty candle company called Flaming Crap--yes, really--has concocted a candle they call "The 2020 Scent." Technically, it's "scents," plural, because it's layered and burns through four of the smells synonymous with this year:

1. Banana bread (symbolizing all our home cooking/baking)

2. Hand sanitizer ('nuff said)

3. Wood (because of all our DIY projects)

4. Last AND least...Budget aftershave and earthy essence (designed to remind us yet again of "Tiger King." Gee, thanks)

For a candle designed to capture 2020's smells, I can't help but notice Dumpster Fire suspiciously absent from the assorted aromas.

Remembering Alex Trebek

The loss of Alex Trebek over the weekend feels like the loss of a friend to a lot of us, albeit a friend most of us never met. With my early weekday hours and Jeopardy! airing locally at 4:30 on WEAU TV13, it's my typical dinnertime viewing habit. I'll always remember viewing the show in person and speaking with Alex, though.

Throughout the years before Covid-19, Jeopardy! would go on tour and hit college campuses across the US. In 2008, Madison was chosen as a stop (probably didn't hurt that producer Harry Friedman is a UW alum, or so I heard).

In any event, as soon as tickets became available, I jumped at the chance to be in the studio audience; the studio in this case would be the Kohl Center. When the day came, I settled into my reasonably-close seat for what would be a few exciting hours.

Before taping, legendary announcer Johnny Gilbert warmed up the crowd and gave us a few hints of what to expect through our morning session (to be followed by an afternoon session, if memory serves), during which a full five days of shows would be taped back-to-back. Moments later, Johnny took his place at a small podium to the side and announced those famous words we've heard a million times: "This...iiis 'Jeopardy!'"

To my surprise, most of what we see on TV is what is seen by the audience. Commercial breaks really do pause the show, giving crew members a chance to fiddle with lighting or other equipment. Possibly just as fun as watching Alex in action during episodes was seeing him wander into the audience between episodes and field questions.

The majority of queries were Jeopardy!-related, although I had a question of a slightly different kind. A couple years earlier, he played himself on an episode of "The Simpsons," so when called upon I asked him about the experience. With a chuckle, he answered, "I enjoyed it very much." Not the longest conversation I've had with a celebrity, but easily one of my favorites.

Since episodes are batch-recorded and done well in advance, we should still see Alex until about Christmas. As of this writing, a replacement host has not been named (my guess is Ken Jennings).

Either way, there'll never be another Alex Trebek.

Americans Offered “Emotional Support Canadians”

Regardless of how you voted, this election season has been one more emotional drain this year. So leave it to our neighbors to the north to come to our rescue with a solution.

Tuesday evening, Twitter user Canadian Fletchy tweeted, "Dear America: Emotional Support Canadians are on standby. If you have not yet received your Emotional Support Canadian, one will be assigned to you shortly."

Of couse, it was only a joke. But since then, the idea has snagged 145 thousand likes and over 21 thousand retweets as of Thursday afternoon. And really, could such a thing be such a bad thing--especially now?