Father-Daughter Activities


1.Cook Something Up 
   Whether it's whipping up a batch of cookies or conquering a four-course meal, spending time in the kitchen with your daughter is an easy way to have fun together.
2. Picture This!
   If you have a camera, take turns photographing things around the house and outdoors that represent her one-of-a-kind traits. Perhaps an image of her tennis shoes could signify her athletic spirit, or photo of a blooming flower might symbolize her beauty. Ask her to track down things that she appreciates the most about her family or friends as well.
3. Camp Out
   Camping out with your daughter is a great chance to teach her some practical skills and learn more about each other. Plenty of parks offer accessible campsites with nearby bathrooms and even electrical hookups.
4. Hiking
   There’s something about getting back to nature that enables parents and kids to bond. It could be the break from everyday surroundings. Maybe it’s the separation from the distractions of computers, games, phones, and friends. Regardless, getting outdoors together and hiking is a simple activity that can mean more than you imagined. From childhood onward, she’ll learn nature has some pretty cool hi-res graphics of its own all while she gets exercise and fresh air.
5. Movies
   When we were their age, kid-friendly movies didn’t hit the big screen as often as today. Today’s movies keep kids engrossed while injecting below-the-radar humor for adults. You can find a lot of appropriate DVDs for her from an early age. Then after a few years, you can take her to the theater for new releases. And while there may not be as many great choices from our generation, you can still introduce them to her along the way.
6. Skating
   Inline or ice, skating can be deceiving; it’s fun but you don’t realize how much exercise you’re getting from this low-impact workout. So gear up with plenty of pads for both of you and take to the ice or the trail. In addition to the fitness and reinforcement of taking care of oneself from just a few years old, you can actually chat and bond while participating.
7. Reading
   When she’s young, reading to your daughter at bedtime lets her take comfort in hearing your voice spin a tale as she envisions happily ever after in her drifting mind. As she grows, you can let her read to you, boosting her self-esteem as she masters more challenging material. That can evolve to reading together when she’s a little older. She’ll learn to think critically and use her imagination too.
8. Painting
   Kids’ creative minds are amazing. Too often, adults kill the creative process. Now, it’s time to encourage it. Give her an outlet for self-expression, exercise her imagination and build her confidence. From just a few years old you can start her with a simple set of nontoxic paints (watercolors, for example), and graduate to higher-grade supplies as she gets older. You don’t have to be a pro, just have fun painting your individual interpretations of a subject or go freestyle.
9. Shopping
   If you thought baking was rough, you’ll have to dig deep to tolerate shopping. Remember, though: This could very well be one of her favorite pastimes, so if she’s willing to share it, be there. When she sees you take an interest, you’ll enjoy it too. This can begin long before she’s old enough to hit the malls on her own, and it’s better that way. You can have an influence on her spending decisions and what she wears (so long as you still let her be a young girl). She’ll realize it’s not a free-for-all and that choices have to be made.
10. Driving lessons
   You ought to be preparing for this long before she graduates from car seat to driver’s seat. That’s because your driving habits and behavior will have an impact on how she develops her skills. With that in mind, once she has her temporary permit, allow her to practice in a stress-free area. Find a large, deserted area that’s free of obstacles and don’t throw any mental obstacles in her way either. She’ll be nervous enough without your criticism, so a little patience and understanding will have a lasting impression on her. Meanwhile, you can set the ground rules early (no eating/drinking, cell use, etc.) as she learns to be a responsible driver.

11. Daddy-Daughter Date
   A daddy-daughter date doesn't have to entail specific activities, like dinner and a movie; it's more about emphasizing a special time for you and your daughter exclusively.

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