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10 Ways to Save With a Newborn
1. Make your own baby food.    When baby starts to eat solids, toss cooked veggies into the blender with a bit of liquid, and save the meals in ice trays -- the money you’ll save makes it worth the extra effort.   2. Don’t buy lots of shoes.    Before baby is walking (and some would argue the same for a while after), shoes won’t really be necessary. Socks will do to keep those tootsies warm.   3. Buy generic and less expensive brands.    Does baby’s label really make a difference? She’ll only be in that onesie for a few months, so resist the urge to splurge.   4. Breastfeed    Breastfeeding can save you money in many ways. There are the direct cost savings involved with not having to purchase formula. But there are also indirect savings like fewer doctor visits and co-pays.   5. Hold on to free formula samples and coupons.    Nursing deserves every chance. But more than 85 percent of moms stop nursing exclusively by the time their baby is 6 months old—which means that most end up spending hundreds of dollars on formula at some point.   6. Save now, wear later.    Buy a larger size of the ...
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