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10 Tips to Save While Pregnant
1. Borrow items.    While it’s always great to have something new, consider what you can borrow. This can be anything from maternity clothes, baby clothes, big ticket baby items (like a stroller or high chair) or other things you may need or want for your baby. The good news is that there are many people who are more than happy to help you out because these items are used for such a short period of time. 2. Buy Second Hand.    If you can’t find someone to lend you something or you want something you don’t have to return, you can always consider second hand purchases. This can be from second hand stores, yard sales or even places like eBay or Craig’s List. If you do have items that you no longer need you can also sell them to earn extra money. 3. Register for Baby.    If you use your baby registry wisely, you can be given items of which you are truly in need. This means you will need discipline when you register. Cut frivolous baby things out. Don’t go wild with the scan gun. 4. Hold off.    If you aren’t sure which products will work best for baby (especially ...
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