Places To Visit


Park or Nature Centers-
Take along frisbees or footballs, also take along food and enjoy a picnic! Also check out some nature centers and experience the outdoors!
Beaver Creek Reserve- www.BeaverCreekReserve.org
Cty. Hwy. K, Fall Creek
Thrill at close-up views of the residents of this 360-acre multi-use wildlife reserve and the skies above. Here visitors will find diverse woodland and prairie habitats and three different facilities: the Eau Claire county Youth Camp, the Wise Nature Center and the Hobbs Observatory. Over five miles of scenic trails give visitors the chance to view many of the reserve's inhabitants, including deer, bear, beaver, wild turkey, golden-winged warblers, tufted titmice, and lady slippers or jack-in-the-pulpits. Self-interpretive trails, wildlife photography blinds, butterfly gardens, feeding stations and boardwalks are designed to enhance your up-close outdoor experience.
The Greenhouse
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Campus
Trek through a tropical rain forest or wander across an arid plain and wonder at the profusion of botanical species growing in the University's greenhouse.
Chippewa Valley Auto Tours
Eau Claire Visitor Center
3625 Gateway Dr., Eau Claire
Experience the Timber Trails of the Chippewa Valley where tall stands of timber once brought early settlers and riches to the valley. Canadians and Europeans poured into the region that had been home to the Ojibway Chippewa Indians since the 1600's. View the impact of the last great glacier's crushing ice and rushing meltwater in area prairies and glacial moraines. Travel through the farmlands, towns and villages where diversified agriculture and industry sprang up to replace the exhausted timber and wheat-growing economies at the turn of the 20th century.
Chippewa River State Bike Trail- www.Chippewa-River-Trail.com
This 23-mile railbed trail offers an easy ride through an awesome landscape of prairies, woods, craggy rock formations, rivers and streams. The trail connects to the Red Cedar Trail in the Dunnville State Wildlife Area.
Grab your swimsuit, a towel, and some floaties and head to the beach for a day of swimming!
Take some time to go to your local library and check-out some educational books. Maybe have "treats" for your child for reading a set amount of books.
Check out the Children's Museum, Science Museum or even a Historic Museum!
Some around the Eau Claire Area Include:
Chippewa Valley Museum- www.cvmuseum.com
1404 Carson Park Drive, Eau Claire
See award-winning, professionally designed exhibits about Ojibwa Indians, the area's first towns and industries, and early farm life. Enjoy a treat in a turn of the 20th century ice cream parlor, marvel at an eight-foot, 21-room dollhouse, and find unique gifts and books in the museum store.
Paul Bunyan Logging Camp
1110 Carson Park Dr., Eau Claire
Bigger than life, Paul Bunyan and his faithful blue ox, Babe, welcome visitors at the entrance of this authentic replica of an 1890s logging camp. The Interpretive Center provides an excellent introduction to the camp, with actual file footage of historical logging operations, authentic artifacts and logging tools. You can tour the bunkhouse, cook shanty, wanigan, foreman’s office, blacksmith shop, barn and heavy equipment shed.
Dells Mill Historical Landmark and Museum
Cty. Hwy. V, Augusta
This remarkable, five-story building, built in 1864 is entirely constructed of hand-hewn timbers fastened with wooden pegs. Except for the grindstones, the mill machinery, including the millwheel, gears and pulleys, is also fashioned entirely of wood. The waterpower generated by Bridge Creek is transferred from waterwheel to milling machinery over 3000 feet of belting and 175 pulleys.
James Newman Clark Bird Museum
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
Tour this remarkable circular museum from the early 1900's.
Children's Theatre-
 Enjoy some live shows at your local Children's Theatre!
Take a trip to the zoo. Depending on age have children identify the animals, sounds they make, or even where they normally live!
Take Me to the Ball Game-
 Get a couple tickets to check out local sports such as baseball, football, etc.  Could be Highschool, College, Semi-Pro, or Pro either way it's always a ball!
Find landmarks near you and map out a tour to go visit them. Also, research some history of the landmarks and make it educational for your child!
 Here's a couple around the Eau Claire Area:
Anderson Log House
Carson Park, Eau Claire
Now located on the grounds of the Chippewa Valley Museum, Lars and Gretha Anderson built this two-story log home about 15 miles away in Chippewa County, where they raised their ten children. Built in the late 1850's, the style of construction in this house reflects its owners' Scandinavian heritage.
Sunnyview One-Room School
Carson Park, Eau Claire
From 1882-1961, Sunnyview School served children in grades 1-8. A part of pioneer America's way of life, the school now serves as the site of hands-on learning for many of the area's fourth-graders.
Chippewa Valley Railroad
Carson Park, Eau Claire
For a genuine old-time thrill, ride this 1/4 scale working railroad through the park. The train features coal-fired steam locomotives, a diesel locomotive, wooden 1880-style passenger coaches, streamline passenger coaches, a gondola car and caboose. The railroad's must-see features include the depot, passenger waiting canopy, roundhouse, turntable, switchyard and the oldest interlocking tower in the state.

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