Winter Holiday Games


Try Some of These Games Over the Winter Holidays!
1. Candy Cane Pass-
   4 candy canes per team (have a few extras due to breakage)

How To Play:
   Player holds 4 candy canes between fingers and passes them down the line, teammate to teammate, without dropping.
2. Pass the Ornament-
   Straw for each child
   Ornaments cut out of tissue paper (tree, bell, star, etc.)

How To Play:
   Pass the ornaments down the line, teammate to teammate, by inhaling and exhaling on the straw to hang on to or release the ornament. No hands!
3. Rudolph Dash-
   Cut circles out of red construction paper

How To Play:
   Have child put Vaseline on their nose and then put the red circles on their nose. Relay race to the finish with each new person adding their red nose. If nose falls, go back to bowl and add more Vaseline and reapply nose.
4. Santa Says-
How To Play:
   Played similar to Simon Says. The player up is "Santa". Player will say "Santa says hop on one foot". The children will hop on one foot. Player will say "Stop". The children are to keep hopping on one foot until player says "Santa says stop". Repeat for additional activities such as take one baby step forward, step backwards, turn around, sit down. Sometimes Santa will say "Santa says" and sometimes he won't. It'­s a fun game to play with young children.
5. Book Exchange-
   Inexpensive book gift wrapped for each child
   Book- The Gingerbread Man

How To Play:
   Children set in a circle, each one holding a wrapped book. A Room Mother reads The Gingerbread Man story. Every time the word "ran" is spoken you pass the book to the person on your right. Continue doing until the story is over. Whoever has the book on their lap at the end of the story is theirs to keep and open.
6. Fill the Christmas Stocking-
   Stocking, spoon and bowl for each team.
   Wrapped candy.

How To Play:
   Divide into teams. Have children line up at one end of the room. At the other end, hang a Christmas stocking for each team. Place a bowl of candy and a spoon in front of each team. Each child takes a turn taking a candy from the bowl with the spoon. They then carry the candy on the spoon to the stocking and drop the candy in the stocking. Race back to the next person in line, give them the spoon. First team to fill the stocking wins!
7. Santa Santa-
   Santa sleigh

How To Play:
   Have children sit in a large circle and blindfold one child. Another child will be given the sleigh and must say:

Santa Santa, where'­s your sleigh
Someone'­s come and taken it away
Guess who Guess who?

The blindfolded child gets three guesses. The child who has the sleigh is next to be blindfolded.
8. Memory Game-
   18 items in box

How To Play:
   Show the items in the box to the children. Remove one or more items out of the box (without children seeing you). Have the children guess what items are missing. For older children put items on large tray or cookie sheet. Cover. Remove cover for 20-30 seconds and then remove tray from room. On your mark, the children are to write down as many items that they can remember from the tray before you yell, "STOP". Most correct answers wins.
9. Gift Unwrap Relay-
   Empty boxes wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper

How To Play:
   Divide the class into teams. Put a stack of presents at the end of each team's course. The first child in each team runs to the presents, unwraps one, and races back to the next person in line. First team finished unwrapping wins! Note: To make cleaning a little easier, parents may wish to adapt this game to where the child unwraps, throws away the paper, then runs back!
10. Word Find-
Take a Christmas related word such as: Christmas, Poinsettia, Candy cane, etc. and find as many smaller words from it as possible before the timer runs out.

Example: Christmas
Words: sit, is, his, miss, rat, tar, this, math, chair, rim...

Example: Candy cane
Words: candy, cane, and, dance, day, nay, can, dye, an, any...
11. Twenty Questions-
Teacher starts by choosing a Holiday related person, place, or thing. The teacher says, "I'm thinking of something". The children try to guess what it is by asking no more than twenty questions that can be answered "YES", "NO", or I DON'T KNOW". The student who guesses correctly is next up.
12. Clue-
Teacher thinks of person, place, or thing. Teacher gives a clue. Begin at one end of the room and work your way around allowing each student to take a turn guessing until one student solves the case. The student who solves the case goes next.

Example: Frosty
Clue: I'm thinking of someone who wears a hat
Clue: He loves snow
Clue: He'll melt if it gets too warm outside

Clues should be age appropriate for the children playing.
13. Freeze-
   Holiday music

How To Play: Begin playing music. Everyone moves and dances until the music stops then they must "freeze" in whatever position they happen to be in.
14. Littlest Angel or Good Elf
How To Play: Challenge the children to do random acts of kindness for others for one day. Tell them that they are not to reveal that they have done these nice things and if someone should ask them, "did you make sisters bed"? they can reply, "Must have been a good elf".

This game helps children realize we don't always have to be recognized when we do something for someone else. If playing with preschoolers or kindergarteners, you may want to send a note home with them explaining how parents can help.
15. Three-Legged Stocking Race-
   Oversized stocking that will fit two feet
   Tape to mark finish line

How To Play:
   Pair up kids. Have each pair put a leg in the oversized stocking and tie it at top so that it won't fall off. Make sure you have plenty of space. Put all the pairs at one end and mark a finish line at the other. On your mark the kids race to be the first pair over the line.
16. Pin The Nose On Frosty or Rudolph-
   Big Picture of Frosty or Rudolph
   Red circle or orange carrot shape for each child, with adhesive on back and their name on the front
   A blindfold

How To Play:
    Blindfold the player, spin 'em around and let them try to stick the nose where it's supposed to go. Give a prize for the player that gets the closest.
17. Holiday Scramble-
   Index cards
   Paper bags.

How To Play:
    Choose a Holiday word such as: Christmas, Candy Cane, Santa Claus, Reindeer.... Write the letters of the word on individual index cards. Do this two times, making two sets. Put each set in a brown paper bag.

Divide children into teams. Give each team a bag. The first team to decipher what the word in the bag is wins. A variation of the game would be to divide into teams with the same number of children as there are letters in the word. Each child gets a letter and they must hold onto the card and stand in the proper order to spell the word for all to see.



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