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  • Lack of Holiday Spirit

    Hope that you are your family and friends had a wonderful holiday season.  But now that it is over, just wondering if you noticed what I did.  I usually start to feel the buzz around November or so and it starts to pick up as time goes on.  This year, there wasn't that much.  Stores, gas stations, clubs, etc.... No one really seemed to be in the holiday spirit.  Arguments over the proper phrase to use, credit card issues at some local stores, robberies on the rise.  What is going on?  When did we lose it and where did it go?  There was always a friendly and comforting feel when the holidays began to approach and now nothing but financial talk, rude customer service people,  stores at war with eachother.  I hope that next year the holidays bring a brighter, more welcoming feel.  For all our sakes Read More
  • Those Who Will Be Missed

    The year 2013 is coming to a close.  We have lost many great people this year to illness, accidents and misfortune.  Here's just the tip of the iceberg:  Conrad Bain-Diff'rent Strokes, Roger Ebert-Movie Critic, Lady Margaret Thatcher, James Gandolfini-Actor, Cory Monteith-Actor, Lou Reed-Musician, Nelson Mandela.  Those are just some of a large list of people dear to our hearts and minds.  This holiday season I hope that you and your family are well and continue to be so for quite some time.  Hold those dear to you close,  and always remember how blessed you are.  Have a wonderful, safe and blessed holiday season.    Teri Ryan Read More

    In the last year, round-abouts have been placed in the Chippewa Valley in hopes to alleviate traffic issues and the necessity for traffic lights.  Well, I think a class should have been taught to some.  The concept is not that hard.  You go off to the right, yielding to oncoming traffic from your left, follow the circle around until the exit you need.  You don't know how many times I have had to stop because someone went left into the round-about or stopped directly in the middle confused about the way to go.  Please pay attention to the arrows, and the signs and that you go counter-clockwise in a round-about.  Just trying to help. Read More


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