Girl Scout Cookie Season Returns with New Flavor, Online Ordering

There's nothing like Girl Scout Cookie season to get us through winter. This year, it's safer and more convenient to get your fix.

Since Girl Scouts won't be as visible in stores or going door-to-door as much this year (or, let's be honest, many parents aren't physically in the office to hustle sales), GSUSA got creative.

Through a partnership with Grubhub, you can order your favorites online. That includes the new Toast-Yay! flavor. They're shaped like mini French toast slices and have icing on one side. also reports GSUSA is opening "virtual cookie booths" beginning February 1, so customers who don't know a Girl Scout can still order online. The organization stresses that scouts are still working behind the scenes to help fulfill orders and coordinate Grubhub pickup and delivery.

For its part, Grubhub is waiving its fees for the organization, meaning proceeds will still benefit the council and troops.