New Candle Embodies “2020 Scent”

And now, the answer to a question nobody asked.

A novelty candle company called Flaming Crap--yes, really--has concocted a candle they call "The 2020 Scent." Technically, it's "scents," plural, because it's layered and burns through four of the smells synonymous with this year:

1. Banana bread (symbolizing all our home cooking/baking)

2. Hand sanitizer ('nuff said)

3. Wood (because of all our DIY projects)

4. Last AND least...Budget aftershave and earthy essence (designed to remind us yet again of "Tiger King." Gee, thanks)

For a candle designed to capture 2020's smells, I can't help but notice Dumpster Fire suspiciously absent from the assorted aromas.