Kurt Cobain’s “MTV Unplugged” Guitar Breaks Auction Records

In the Venn diagram of our youth and MTV actually playing music-related content, "MTV Unplugged" was a memorable point in the middle. It spanned genres and generations; Tori Amos to Aerosmith, Bob Dylan to Duran Duran.

A high-water mark in the series was Nirvana's 1993 stint, showcasing the band in a mellower set and marking the last time most of us would see Kurt Cobain perform.

The Martin acoustic guitar he played for "Unplugged," already desirable without the provenance, just sold at auction for an astonishing $6 million. The sale broke several records: most expensive guitar, most expensive acoustic guitar, most expensive memorabilia, and most expensive Nirvana memorabilia sold at auction.

If there's any consolation to a symbol of our better days selling to the highest bidder (was that '90s angsty' enough?), it has found a good home. Rather than become a static display in a man cave, the auction house assures us the guitar's new Australian owner will "display the guitar in a worldwide tour of exhibitions to be held in distinguished galleries and art spaces, with all proceeds (including the guitar) going to the performing arts." See more below.